Electoral campaigns have always relied on volunteers to help mobilize huge numbers of voters in a short timeframe. One of the most exciting innovations in recent years is the use of digital platforms to extend the reach of campaign staff.

ControlShift’s Events toolset offers everything an electoral campaign needs to maximize volunteer voter contact. It’s easy to set up template content for different types of events – from phone calling parties to neighborhood walks – and then recruit hosts and attendees. An extensive set of administrative tools gives paid organizers and super volunteers the ability to manage hundreds of events, track contact and coaching of hosts, and ultimately ensure that supporters are turning out and having a great experience.

The Groups feature also lets campaigns support local networks of committed volunteers with an online hub where they can communicate with one another and sponsor events. Paid campaign staff can extend their reach by building leadership and giving these local networks the tools to organize on their own.

Campaigns are designed to make it easy for anyone to create a petition, recruit supporters, and deliver it to the decision maker for maximum impact. Some organizations offer an open petition site, regularly ask their supporters to launch campaigns, and then coach those campaigns to victory. Over time, they rack up hundreds of thousands of campaigns with small wins leading to big shifts in power.

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