ControlShift plus Slack

Modern digital organizers and advocates depend on a whole ecosystem of tools to create change in the world. All of our customers use ControlShift alongside some number of other platforms. For many of the teams that we work with, Slack is where all of those pieces come together so that work can get done.

We’re excited to roll out a new integration for our customers that adds ControlShift to your Slack workspace.

Current customers can add the Slack integration by visiting Settings > Integrations > Slack.

Once the integration is configured, notifications about new petitions, events or emails that require moderator attention will be posted to the channel(s) of your choice. A few of our customers had already built their own integrations with Slack using our APIs, so we’re excited to be able to provide an officially-supported version of those features for everyone.

Our new Slack integration continues our focus on integrating with the tools that our customers already use, from CRMs like EveryAction and Salesforce to analytics tools like Amazon Redshift and Google Analytics. We’re looking forward to adding even more integrations to the platform in the months ahead and continually improving the ones that already exist.