Powerful tools that support days of action

The organization decides to run a day of action and sets up a Calendar in ControlShift, which includes basic template content for events. The organization then puts out a call for event hosts via email, social media, and direct outreach.

Members volunteer to host events in their communities

Supporters create events via the Calendar homepage, updating the template content with specifics about their event.

Staff moderate and approve local events

Newly created events are added to a moderation queue. Staff members are then asked to review and moderate these member-created events.

Supporters search for their local event

Organization and hosts recruit attendees to events via email, social media, and direct outreach. Supporters go to the Calendar homepage and search for their location to find their local event. If there are no events near them, they’re asked to host their own.

Hosts have tools to make their events a success

Event hosts and attendees have access to an event-specific discussion forum that allows them to communicate and plan the details of their event.

Supporters take real, in-person action

Lots of events happen, demonstrating the organization’s power and its distributed network of leaders!

Events connect to other features

As the organization identifies other opportunities for in-person action, they and their members can create additional events. These events can also be tied to the campaigns and local groups features.

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