The organization encourages members to organize in local groups

Your organization creates a Local Group Collection in ControlShift explaining what these groups are and why your supporters should join one. Then, put out the call for group leaders via email, social media, and direct outreach.

Supporters apply to lead groups

Potential group leaders search for their location from from the collection’s lookup page and fill out a group organizer application with questions chosen by your organization.

Staff review applications and approve new leaders

After applications are submitted, they’re added to a moderation queue. In the queue, staff members review applications and approve or deny organizer requests.

Supporters join local groups

The organization and local group organizers recruit new group members who sign up via the local group’s homepage.

Group organizers have tools to support their groups

Group leaders have access to a suite of tools allowing them to communicate with group members, organize in-person events, and run campaigns. New supporters who sign up for events or support campaigns get invited to join the group.

Supporters become leaders in their communities

Groups grow leadership and organizing skills that build power for the organization!

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