Members into leaders. Campaigns into movements.

ControlShift is the best software for putting people at the center of your campaigns with distributed events, local groups, and member-led petitions.

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Move your campaigns beyond broadcast

Distributed Events

  • Recruit supporters to host and attend events.
  • Beautiful maps tell the story of your day of action.
  • Tools for hosts to manage their event and message attendees.
  • Admin interfaces for organizers to track events, coach hosts & measure success.
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Example usage of distributed events

Local Organizing Teams

  • Help your members to find their closest groups or organize a new one.
  • Mailing lists and member directories allow for local coordination.
  • Staff admin tools for coordinating your network of teams.
  • Local groups grow through events they host and campaigns they create.
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Member Petitions

  • Empower your supporters to launch their own petition campaigns.
  • Transform national campaigns into locally led petitions with distributed targets and templated content.
  • Petition creators become leaders when they message their supporters or recruit them to in-person events.
  • Administrative features let your organization moderate, approve, and manage campaigns and leaders.
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Example of a member driven campaign

Make your organizing more local and participatory

ControlShift empowers your members to play more active roles in achieving your mission.

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Battle-tested reliability

Organize at massive scale with infrastructure built for redundancy, security, and privacy.

Global reach

Fully internationalized with support for 15 languages, including right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew.

Organizing expertise baked in

We're not just a software vendor but a team of organizers with a deep commitment to progressive change.

Works with the tools you already use

We deeply integrate with the tech you already use, and integrate seamlessly with your CRM.

Big data analytics

Out-of-the-box integration with Amazon Redshift and other SQL databases to get your organizing data into your data warehouse.

Powerful API

Use our powerful API to integrate organizing experience into microsites or other toolsets.

Own your data

We'll never share or sell your supporters' information.

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