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Distributed Organizing and Fundraising

When organizations think about distributed organizing, they often think about the campaign impacts – that distributed organizing leads to more new and authentic actions led by your supporters, deepened engagement with your members, and increased leadership among your base.
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Changelog • April, 2024
We've improved the performance of the process to update a member's email opt-in type in bulk, either via the authenticated API or from a CSV.
We now allow members who have already RSVPed to a shifted event to sign up for new shifts by submitting the event form again using the same email address.

2023 In Review

As 2023 comes to an end, we’re taking some time to look back on all of the amazing organizing work that’s been done over the last 12 months. As is often the case, the last year saw a lot of hard fought battles. Organizing work is never done, and it’s important for us to pause to celebrate the victories that our partners have achieved all around the world.
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ControlShift Calendars 🤝 Pre-Chosen Decision Makers

ControlShift’s calendars feature makes it easy for organizations to start and manage large events mobilizations. The tools allow your supporters to quickly find events near them or be recruited to host events in their communities. Organizations around the world have used calendars to organize days of action, watch parties, lobby days, and more.
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Boost Your Events Mobilizations with Coalitions

Organizing a large series of events, like a day of action, can be a powerful way for an organization to demonstrate their reach and show the full breadth of support for their cause. However, recruiting so many events and adequately supporting all hosts can be a daunting task for a single organization to manage. Event Library Image Above by Susan Q. Yin on Unsplash
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Scale Your Organizing With Partners and Coalitions

Few organizing wins have happened because of a single organization, and strong organizational allies can be the key to a successful campaign. ControlShift’s partnerships feature is a great way for organizations to deepen relationships with peers, find new supporters, and demonstrate a broad base of support for their campaign issues.
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Better Images for Petition and Event Pages

An issue we commonly hear from organizations is that campaigners and event hosts are often not choosing images for their campaigns/events, are choosing low-quality images, or are choosing images that have been copyrighted. At the same time, our testing has shown the benefits of a good campaign image: petitions with images typically receive three times as many signatures compared to those without. Choosing the right image makes petition and event pages look better and more inviting, while also improving the appearance of social shares.
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Protecting Customers Sites from Bots and Malicious Actors

Successfully protecting ControlShift sites from bots and malicious actors requires multiple layers of protection. Many of these protections happen behind-the-scenes automatically. However, as online attacks increase, we think it’s important to remind organizations of the steps they can take to help protect their sites from malicious actors and keep member data secure:
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Best Practices for Event Hosts and Petition Creators

Petition creators and event hosts are the lifeblood of ControlShift, and supporting these creators as they organize their communities is the biggest driver of success for our customers.
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European Data Center

We’ve always believed that customers and their supporters own their own data. We are simply stewards of that information in service of helping to make our customers more powerful in the world.
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10 Years of ControlShift

We’re celebrating a major milestone, as we wrap up the year. ControlShift is 10 years old!
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