Best Practices for Event Hosts and Petition Creators

Petition creators and event hosts are the lifeblood of ControlShift, and supporting these creators as they organize their communities is the biggest driver of success for our customers.

We’re excited to announce the release of new features aimed at helping petition and event creators to use ControlShift effectively.

The first of these features is a new and customizable training page included in the event and petition creator toolbars. Because this text can be customized, organizations can provide specific tips, tricks, and suggestions to their creators. We recommend organizations provide guidance covering the full lifecycle of a campaign or event: from building initial support, to engaging supporters, tactics to increase pressure on decision makers, and report backs after the campaign or event has ended.

Screenshot of Petition Creator View

Along with the customizable training pages, we’ve also released new banners to automatically share best practices with creators. These banners are shown to event hosts and petition creators as their events and petitions reach various milestones.

For petitions, the new banners will guide creators through different stages of their campaign, starting with basic to-dos – social sharing, adding an image, and choosing categories. Once the campaign has begun to grow, we’ll automatically prompt the creator to take additional actions, like sending an email to supporters, hosting an event, and providing campaign updates. The banners that a petition creator sees will depend on their campaign’s milestones, moderation status, and organization settings.

Similarly, for events, the banners will guide hosts through the stages of hosting a successful event. From choosing an image and sharing on social media, to sending an email to their attendees, and following up after their event.

We hope these new tools will encourage creators to run the best petitions and events possible. By guiding creators through the tools available to them and sharing best practices, we can ensure that these organizers feel well-supported and are able to successfully effect change in their communities.