ControlShift Calendars 🤝 Pre-Chosen Decision Makers

ControlShift’s calendars feature makes it easy for organizations to start and manage large events mobilizations. The tools allow your supporters to quickly find events near them or be recruited to host events in their communities. Organizations around the world have used calendars to organize days of action, watch parties, lobby days, and more.

Now we’re making the calendar tools even more powerful.

With our recent releases, the calendar tools now support events targeting specific decision makers.

What are decision maker calendars?

Decision maker calendars allow organizations to easily create and run events mobilizations with specific targets in mind. This allows organizations to ask their supporters to do things like:

  • deliver petition signatures to the public offices of specific elected officials.
  • protest outside of specific stores in response to their decision to not provide reproductive health medications.
  • stage actions outside of bank branches pushing them to change their position on fossil fuel investments.

With decision maker calendars, organizations start by choosing the locations where they want their supporters to organize events. After uploading the list of locations, organizations can customize things like: default titles, descriptions, and start dates and times. Organizations can also provide special instructions for hosts – letting them know exactly what’s expected of them.

What does the host experience look like?

Once a supporter lands on the calendar lookup page, they’ll be asked to search for their location – we’ll then show them the closest pre-selected decision maker (within a radius that the organization can customize). If an event has not already been organized for that location, the supporter will be asked to become the host. If there is already an event, they can RSVP to the existing event, or they can host a new event if there’s another unclaimed decision maker nearby.

Just like elsewhere on the platform, all events created by supporters are sent to moderation for admin approval. Organizations have full visibility into and control over the events created on the platform. Also, like other events on the platform, event hosts will have access to various tools to make their event a success – like the ability to email supporters, add event shifts, and use the event’s discussion forum.

Decision maker calendars can also be paired with our partner tools, which makes it easier to scale your events work. If you’re interested in starting an events mobilization, we’d love to hear from you.