Workflows for distributed organizers

Sometimes the challenge with adopting distributed, participatory ways of organizing your supporters is keeping track of all of that activity.

Even moderating content can become complex when your organization is working around the world and your supporters are creating thousands of campaigns per week.

In collaborative partnership with some of our customers, we’re excited to bring a set of new workflow management tools to life that allow your team to stay on top of newly-created petitions and events while supporting the organizers who create them.

Admin Notes

Leave notes for other admins.

We’ve added the ability for staff to leave notes throughout the application. These notes are only visible to other admins and can allow your team to track the conversations they have with organizers and each other.

Moderation Task Assignment

Show only the tasks that are assigned to you.

Administrators can now assign moderation tasks to specific teams or individuals for further review. Perhaps a campaign raises a legal question that requires review by legal counsel or might be best moderated by an organizer focused on a specific issue area. Assigning moderation tasks makes it clear who is responsible for making a decision or communicating with the petition starter or event host about a moderation issue.


Assign mentors to campaigns.

We now allow each event, group or petition to be assigned a mentor. Each mentor is a staff member or volunteer organizer who is responsible for assisting each campaign to ensure it is a success. Mentors can then quickly find the campaigns they’re currently supporting.

Region and language filtering

Show only the petitions in your language and region.

Regional staff team and language filtering features allow global teams or coalitions of local organizations to collaboratively manage the content that their members create. These features allow local staff to quickly see the campaigns they are responsible for without distractions from languages they do not speak or geographic areas they do not oversee. The regions tools also allows field teams to mirror their geographic turfing into their distributed organizing toolset. We are able to set up regions for any geographic shape including political geographies, like countries or congressional districts, or custom shapes specific to your organization.

We’re excited about investments in workflow tools for staff because they allow staff organizers to scale the number of distributed actions they can support. They also allow larger organizations to scale the complexity and number of distributed actions they’re able to manage.

It is all part of our vision for supporting organizers with powerful tools to empower their members to run their own campaigns.