Engaging Networks and ControlShift

We’ve had an Engaging Networks integration for several years but we’re excited to announce that we’ve rewritten our integration from the ground up on top of the Engaging Networks Services REST API.

The re-launched integration allows Engaging Networks customers to use the ControlShift platform for member led campaigns, distributed events, and local groups while using Engaging Networks as their CRM.

Amnesty Canada recently used ControlShift alongside Engaging Networks to organize Write for Rights a distributed day of action on International Human Rights Day. Supporters hosted hundreds of events across Canada where volunteers wrote letters in support of prisoners of conscience. Read the case study to learn more.

When enabled, the data integration adds supporters who take action on ControlShift to your Engaging Networks database automatically in real time. This saves your staff from needing to shuffle CSVs to keep your organizing tools in sync.

ControlShift enables several new organizing tactics for Engaging Networks customers: