Mobilize America vs ControlShift

When it comes to building grassroots power, there’s no shortage of digital tools to connect members to engagement opportunities. But are the tools you’re using meeting all your organizing needs?

During the 2018 midterms, many Democratic campaigns and Democratic-aligned groups used MobilizeAmerica tools to recruit volunteers. Thanks to their event syndication tools, Democratic candidates could post volunteer opportunities, and Democratic superpacs could recruit their members, without violating federal laws about illegal co-ordination.

But political campaigns can’t afford to leave any grassroots power on the table, and event syndication is just one way for campaigns to recruit supporters. As distributed campaigns like Beto O’Rourke’s Senate campaign showed, campaigns can take off when their supporters are empowered to take leadership, host their own events, and recruit from their own networks. But campaigns can only do that with scalable, intuitive tech for moderating and managing their volunteers.

Mobilize ControlsShift + Mobilize
Event syndication
“Day of Action” hub pages
Data warehouse integration
Volunteer Teams/Groups
Communication via CRM export One-to-many & many-to-many
Managing multiple states Separate instances Geographical permissions
Support/onboarding languages English English & Spanish
Toolset languages 1 18
Data ownership and branding Mobilize collects names Own your own data & brand

That’s where ControlShift distributed organizing tools come in. Our battle-tested distributed organizing functionality - for member-generated events and local groups - allows your members to scale your capacity while making it easy for you to track and support them. It syncs seamlessly with Mobilize (and all major CRMs), putting all your campaigning in one place, with a big, wide, open front door. Your members can organize into local teams to build lasting power, and host their own events -- and you can see everything with one simple moderation queue.

Make sure your campaign isn’t leaving capacity on the table by deploying Mobilize’s event syndication functionality alongside ControlShift’s distributed organizing tools.

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