Effort campaigns allow organizations to run a national or international campaign with many locally targeted petitions. The petitions in this Effort are often pre-written and templatized by admins, but have local leaders running the petitions in their communities.

The organization sees an Effort opportunity

The organization identifies an issue with lots of possible similar campaigns to different decision makers – like getting mayors to sign on to the Paris Climate Accord or asking hardware stores to ban the sale of certain pesticides. The organization sets up an Effort campaign in ControlShift, with decision makers and template content.

Supporters are recruited to run local campaigns

The organization recruits supporters, via email, social media, or direct outreach, to adopt and lead local campaigns. Supporters use Effort lookup page to find their local campaign opportunity and customize the campaign content to their local campaign.

Campaign leaders receive support and campaign tools

Organization staff members offer support and coaching to local campaign leaders. The local campaign leaders have access to a suite of campaign tools that allow them to recruit support for their campaign, communicate with supporters, and organize escalating tactics like in-person events and petition deliveries.

Successful campaigns are a model for future leaders

Some campaigns win! The organization shares the story of the winning campaign to encourage others, and continues working with newly-empowered supporter leaders.

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