Sync ControlShift Events to Action Network

We’ve added support to our Action Network sync to allow customers to integrate ControlShift Events and Calendars with Action Network Events and Event Campaigns via an API data sync.

It’s now possible to use ControlShift to organize member-led days of action, house parties, canvasses, phone banks or other sorts of events using our powerful distributed event tools, and have the data about those events and their attendees flow back into Action Network in real time. This replaces the need for staff to shuffle CSVs between the two systems and ensures that volunteers who attend an event immediately end up on your organization’s mailing list in Action Network.

The data sync mirrors ControlShift activity into native Action Network data types so you’ll see the data organized within Action Network as Events, Event Campaigns and attendee RSVPs, just as if the events were organized within Action Network itself.

Action Network customers organizing distributed event campaigns with ControlShift benefit from our beautiful organizing maps, powerful moderation tools for staff, and easy-to-use features that grassroots event hosts can use to plan their event, as well as the event features of our member-led petition functionality.

Screenshot of an Event Map

Existing customers who would like to enable the data sync with Action Network should contact ControlShift Support.

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