Petition Creation, Reloaded

We recently announced our redesign of the petition creation flow, and we are excited to report back on how the tests we’ve been running have performed. We’re continuously working to make the platform experience faster and better for our organizations’ supporters using A/B tests to optimize every page your supporters encounter.

The petition creation flow is particularly critical to the success of many of our customers. While we’re always optimistic that our latest ideas will improve things, we needed to run a controlled experiment ensure that our new designs actually increased successfully-created, high-quality petitions as we intended.

The new flow uses a typeform-inspired mobile-first design to guide petition creators through each question on the petition creation form – giving them more context and direction as they move through the form. The new and fully-customizable text fields allow organizations to further refine the experience and customize it for their organization’s needs. The new flow also streamlines the launch process by removing the review step and allowing petition creators to log in and publish their new campaign in single step.

The new petition creation form as seen on a mobile device.

During redesign process, we A/B tested individual elements and the complete flow against our previous petition creation page to ensure that our thoughts about areas for improvement were correct. During the testing phase, supporters at various organizations were randomly assigned to see either the new or old versions of the flow. Our tests showed that the new petition creation flow increased conversions by 23%!

Given the increase in the percentage of completed petitions, we’re excited to have rolled out the redesigned flow to all of our customers around the world. We’re also continuing our testing and refinements. Currently, we’re testing a new feature that allows prospective petition creators to ask for help if they run into trouble as they move through the form. We showed a preview of this new experience during our recent office hours.

We’re so excited to be making this new experience available to all of our organizations, and we’ll be continuing our testing and improvements going forward – keep an eye out for future announcements!