Search everything, all in one place

We’ve released a new search interface that makes it easier for admins to find what they’re looking for within their ControlShift platform. With the new search bar at the top of the admin tools pages, admins can enter a search term and see results from across the platform, including members, events, petitions, partnerships, and emails.

From the initial list, you can filter the results to see only the results that you care about. This admin-only feature is also permission and region aware, so admins will only see the content they have the correct permissions to see. We’ve also improved search results across the platform by improving the ways that we rank search results, especially for customers who are searching across campaigns in multiple languages.

Admins can use this tool to find results faster, without needing to switch to different pages to perform searches. We expect this will allow admins to get a more full picture of the work their organization is doing while making navigation as an admin of the platform more efficient.