New Feature: RSVP for Town Halls

As the congressional August Recess continues, is excited to announce new features that will better support your in-person organizing around town hall events.

Organizational Events

Administrators at subscribing organizations can now add organization-specific events, which will appear in member search results on your campaigns. Is your organization planning a rally at a legislator’s district office? Are you sponsoring an unofficial town hall event with a member of Congress? Now you can add these events to the feed and ensure that your members never miss an opportunity to take action.

Town Hall Meeting © 2013 NASA/Goddard/Jacob Larsen

Congressional Town Hall Event RSVPs

Ensuring your supporters know about official events is important, but you also need to know which supporters are planning to attend. To help you create a list of your most active supporters, we’ve added RSVP functionality for town hall events. Users interested in attending congressional events will now be asked for the same contact information they’d give if they were visiting a district office. If the event requires a formal off-site RSVP on the member of Congress’ official site, we elegantly redirect members to those forms after they commit to attend on

We’re hopeful this feature will lead to deeper organizing and follow up with the members who attend congressional town halls.

These new features join our existing tools, which quickly connect your supporters to congressional events and district offices near them. Get started now with a free trial of VisitThem.