Campaign of the Week: A Green Space for Balvanera

This week’s campaign comes from, a ControlShift-powered site run by Greenpeace Argentina. Hagamos Eco allows people in Argentina, and around the region, to start and run campaigns on environmental issues.

Using the toolset, a resident of Buenos Aires created a petition asking the Mayor of Buenos Aires to allocate a disused parcel of land to be a green space, instead of a stadium. The proposed stadium would accommodate 18,000 people and have three underground parking lots. Opponents of the proposed structure state that it would have an negative environmental impact and would weaken the foundations of existing structures in the neighborhood.

Instead of the stadium, the creators of this petition are asking Mayor Macri to convert the lot into a public green space with recreational and cultural centers. In the last month, more than 3,500 people signed the petition in support of converting the lot to the green space.