Campaign of the Week: Save Our NHS

This week’s campaign comes from, which is 38 Degrees’ member-generated campaigns site, powered by ControlShift. Campaigns by You allows people from across the UK to start and run their own campaigns on a variety of local and national issues.

One issue that has been prominent for 38 Degrees is opposition to privatising the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). In the lead up to the passage of the Health and Social Care Act (HSCA) in 2012, 38 Degrees members signed petitions, erected billboards, and held numerous events. Despite their efforts, the law was passed.

However, earlier this week, it was announced that on Friday MPs would vote on a law that would roll back some measures of the HSCA and would exempt the NHS from TTIP. With only three days before the vote, 38 Degrees used the ControlShift toolset to create 650 separate petitions, each targeting a single parliamentary constituency.

“Outside the Department of health” by 38 Degrees licensed under CC by 2.0

Earlier today, 38 Degrees members delivered the petitions — which had amassed more than 230,000 signatures in three days — to members of Parliament. When the vote was tallied, MPs had supported the bill by a vote of 241–18. While there’s a long way to go before the bill becomes a law, we at ControlShift were extremely impressed by the way 38 Degrees used the toolset.

You can read more about the Save our NHS campaign by visiting 38 Degrees’ blog.